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The People Say...

"Emotionally, the film packs a wallop..." - Tracie McMillan, The Atlantic. Read the Article

“Mary Mazzio, a filmmaker who documented the stories of several vendors struggling to make a go of it, as well as the political battle to start the Green Cart program in a film titled The Apple Pushers, noted that “seeing these first-time entrepreneurs slowly begin realizing a vision for a better life through the mechanism of a push cart” struck her as a story that “crossed the generations.” - David Bornstein, The New York Times, Read the Article

"In this fascinating and engaging film, writer/director Mary Mazzio takes the viewer into the worlds of pushcarts in New York, immigration, the American dream, nutrition (or lack thereof) in certain neighborhoods and laborious administrative process and shows how those things all converge in the stories of five individuals." - Nancy Colasurdo, Fox Business, Read the Article

“This is a wonderful film… it is inspiring and central to a lot of key issues the Administration is captivated by… This film weaves the challenges of food production and immigration so beautifully." - Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary - US Department of Agriculture, at a special screening hosted by the USDA in Washington DC

"Mesmerizing." - Pat Battle, Co-Anchor, NBC's Weekend Today in New York, Watch the Clip

"...a triumph". - Henry Louis Gates Jr., Director, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

"Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired North American rights to "The Apple Pushers," Mary Mazzio's documentary about immigrant street vendors who provide fresh produce to the poor neighborhoods of New York City." - Josh L. Dickey, Variety, Read the Article

"Tisch may be the “green” behind the Green Carts, but her involvement goes beyond funding. Writer and Director of The Apple Pushers Mary Mazzio describes Tisch’s philanthropic work as “gritty” and “bold” – not exactly two adjectives one would use to describe the coiffed gala attendees readers of The New York Times Style Section see in the photographs that adorn Bill Cunningham’s pages. - Hannah Woit, Forbes, Read the Article

"The history of immigrant street vending and the Green Cart program is charted in a new documentary, “The Apple Pushers,” also funded by the Tisch Illumination Fund." - Jane Black, The Washington Post, Read the Article

"Low-income urban areas are frequently declared "food deserts"--areas lacking access to supermarkets and nutritious food, requiring intervention from urban planners. One such effort in New York is the subject of The Apple Pushers, directed by Mary Mazzio and narrated by Edward Norton." -Lindsey Kratochwill, Fast Company, Read the Article

"'s about thinking creatively...given all the health problems that we have nationally, this is a problem that's solveable - so that's what's exciting". - Mary Mazzio, NECN's Broadside with Jim Braude, Watch the Clip

"The Green Cart we were visiting there, manned by Jose Cosme and his wife, Eva, felt like a good-natured rebuke to all those kids stopping for a greasy slice on the way home from school." -Ralph Gardner, The Wall Street Journal, Read the Article

"What do you know about food deserts?..."Um," I replied, instantly monosyllabic. She [Laurie Tisch] then laid out her wild idea -- a documentary that would highlight the issue of food deserts, but also chronicle the lives and livelihoods of these street vendors" - Mary Mazzio, The Atlantic, Read the Article

"As important as the public health initiative is to New York City’s low-income neighborhoods, Mazzio is just as interested in the human condition of the produce vendors.  “I wanted to tell this story through the lens of these street vendors,” she says. “All of these vendors have this great optimism despite overcoming obstacles that many of us can only imagine.”- Jacob E. Osterhout, New York Daily News, Read the Article

"Director Mary Mazzio's documentary, "The Apple Pushers," combines two truly American stories - one good and one bad - for one bold film."- MSN Entertainment, Read the Review

"The Apple Pushers could be this year's Waiting for Superman...Mary Mazzio’s The Apple Pushers has nothing to do with MacBook Pros and the newest iPads. Instead, it’s an upcoming documentary about five immigrant street vendors who attempt to peddle their fruits in neighborhoods that are challenged by obesity. The uplifting and good-intentioned doc is getting national publicity because of narrator Edward Norton’s involvement and a new trailer that aptly hit Apple's trailer page does a fine job of selling the message."-Cinema Blend, Read the Blog

"Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired North American rights to the documentary "The Apple Pushers," narrated by Edward Norton. Directed by Mary Mazzio, "The Apple Pushers" follows immigrant street vendors who roll produce into poor neighborhoods of New York City." -Indiewire, Read the Article

"This kind of philanthropy is bold and messy – not all the entrepreneurs are going to make it. But the ones that do are going to prosper and grow, and there will be an ongoing source of fresh fruits and vegetables in new areas.” -Dorie Clark, Forbes, Read the Article

"The story of the Green Carts initiative and its positive effects is the subject of documentary film, Apple Pushers, screening online April 22-30 as a part of Whole Foods’ online documentary film festival Do Something Reel, featuring a variety of documentaries on food and environmental issues." - Anna Brones, EcoSalon, Read the Article

"I came to the film expecting something about getting people to eat more fruits and vegetables. The personal stories of these recent immigrants made me realize that getting more fruits and vegetables into low-income neighborhoods is more than a public health issue, it's about opportunity, jobs, community and achieving the American dream of entrepreneurship. I wish more cities could have green carts and we could achieve public health goals and economic development at the same time." – Robin Schepper, former Executive Director, Let's Move, Office of the First Lady

“You are seeing a 5 star movie today (introducing the film).” - Kevin Concannon, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services – USDA

"She [Mary Mazzio] has written, produced and directed a number of award-winning films, including A Hero for Daisy and Ten9Eight and is currently working on a film called The Apple Pushers, which addresses issues of food justice, the obesity crisis and immigration." -Charlotte Clarke, The Financial Times, Read the Article

"Mazzio is currently promoting her latest film, “The Apple Pushers,” which follows the story of five immigrants selling fresh produce from pushcarts in New York City. She chooses projects carefully, prioritizing stories with inspiring role models and social impact." - Astrid Lium, Exhale, Read the Article

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the film tonight.  Powerful, inspiring, visually arresting - you hit a home run." – Deborah Lewison-Grant, Co-Founder, Food Fight

"Mazzio recently screened the movie for federal policymakers, health advocates and food policy organizations in Washington at an event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Following the screening, audience members did something exciting...They talked to one another about how they could work together...”, Read the Review

"Any one bullet point on documentary filmmaker Mary Mazzio’s resume could be one (extremely exceptional) person’s lifetime achievement."- Hannah Woit, Forbes, Read the Article

Click here for coverage of The Apple Pushers on PIX 11 News.

"The Apple Pushers is as much a story about being an immigrant entrepreneur in New York as it is about these vendors' role in the fight against diabetes and heart disease, which are rampant in the low-income neighborhoods they serve." - The Village Voice. Read the Review

"All of our readers have surely passed by one of New York City's myriad fruit carts. Mazzio's doc takes an empathetic and revealing look at the people behind them." - Time Out New York

"If you want to be inspired about what’s possible when entrepreneurship, the desire to make a better life for one’s family, and the desire to make communities healthier converge, I encourage you to give The Apple Pushers a look". -Lee Mannering, From Field To Fork, Read the Blog

"Fantastic movie!" - Debi Mazar, star of GoodFellas, Entourage, and Extra Virgin on the Food Network

"A fascinating new documentary." - Atlanta Magazine, Read the Review

"Wonderful movie!" - Pimm Fox, Anchor, Taking Stock on Bloomberg Television

"One thing that really touched me was a documentary called The Apple Pushers. It was fabulous - I was blown away" - Nieca Goldberg MD, Host, Doctor Radio on Sirius XM

"It really is a wonderfully produced film with very inspiring characters." -Jay Tran, Film Curator for the Brooklyn Food Conference

Read the Blog by Laura Vanderkam, CBS Money Watch

"I live in Brooklyn. And I buy fruit from a man pushing a Green Cart. This film tells the story–the story behind the person, behind the cart. In a different era, he could have been my great grandfather. It tells the story of a country where many people have no place to buy fresh ingredients. And it tells the story of low income people, working to build solutions to problems in their communities, and at the same time, working to build a path out of poverty." - Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA

"Loved it." - John Pollack, author and former speechwriter for President Clinton

"The movie was great. Perfect way to tell that story. Great Job." - Steve Tisch, Award-winning Producer of Forrest Gump

"We showed it in The Crest Theater, free to conference attendees, at night, after the first day of the conference.   The movie goers clapped and cheered!! They loved it!”- Sandra S. Navarro, Development Specialist, California Department of Public Health

"Dope documentary with five really interesting stories about Immigrants that build their own business from scratch in NY"- Dimex Vive, Read the Review

“The Apple Pushers was such an inspirational and sensational film.  It spoke not only to the needs of our poorest communities, but also to the importance and extraordinary drive of immigrants coming to New York for a better life." - Harriet Karr McDonald, Co-Founder, Ready Willing and Able

"I absolutely loved the film and judging by the roaring applause and sentiment shared during the cocktail reception, I was not alone! Apple Pushers is incredibly relevant, moving, funny and inspiring and pulls the viewer into such a beautiful story and experience."- Yalda Nikoomanesh, Children's Museum of Manhattan

"If American parents want to raise children who think entrepreneurially, have initiative and become innovative and truly independent adults, it might serve us all well if we stepped back and let our sweet darlings make mistakes and fall on their faces from time to time." - Mary C. Mazzio, TIME Magazine, Read the Article

"It's a really fantastic film…from the exciting opening shots of the city, the city council shots, the richness of the individual stories, the interweaving of the broader immigration narrative along with the health and obesity issues…I loved it!" - Anne McNulty, Trustee, The Aspen Institute

"The Apple Pushers is also breathtaking.  You really are a rock star."  - Tad Thompson, Business Development Manager, Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market

"...last night's screening...inspiring in every sense. In a little more than an hour, the director made you feel something real for the people in the care about where their journey takes them. You want them to succeed...I have been seeing those vendors faces all day and feel like I want to do more". - Billy Dove, Company Catered Events

"Check out the inspirational NYC doc The Apple Pushers.” - Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News, Read the Article

"I attended a talk hosted by the Arthur M. Blank Foundation Speakers Series, called ‘Street Food: Attacking Obesity and Wiping Out Food Deserts One City Block At a Time.’ I was appalled by how many Americans are living in areas where they have limited access to nutritious foods – the so-called food deserts… We cannot afford to waste any more time while many of our Americans cannot access nutritious foods, placing them at risk for developing deleterious chronic conditions. As a society, let us work to actively advocate for broader policy changes that impact access to nutritious foods. In the meantime, let us roll in the green carts into as many American food deserts as is physically possible" - Dr. Gayathri Suresh, Read the Blog

"The film provided so much inspiration. Also, I was duly impressed with the size of the turnout. During the next day, I kept bumping into people who had attended the film. They gushed…I loved the film." - Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Market Umbrella

"...While I had read a basic description of The Apple Pushers, I didn’t have an idea of how well regarded it was... this is a really funny film at times and it is thanks to the really charming people on the screen. Ultimately, this is what seals the deal, making this a winning documentary". - The Movie Review Warehouse Read the Blog

“The goal of this film is twofold” says Mazzio, “First, to inspire municipalities to think creatively about different ways to address the problems of obesity and food deserts. The other goal, which became apparent to me while making the film, is to inspire other philanthropists to consider public-private partnerships within their own cities, like Laurie [Tisch] did through her support of the Green Cart Initiative.”- Courtney MacGinley, Edible East End

"What a beautifully crafted film, at once intimate and far-reaching." - Leslie Bushara, Children's Museum of Manhattan

"Congratulations – what a GREAT film you have produced, Mary!" - Kitty Boone, Director of Public Programs, The Aspen Institute

"Great article from NY Times on how NYC is combatting food deserts with its Green Cart Initiative. Also discusses The Apple Pushers, which is a must-see documentary that we plan to screen at our upcoming Cooking Matters conference." - The Community Health Network of Connecticut Foundation

"The Apple Pushers was superb. The subject matter was innovative; the narrative was believable but humane; and, the script's exposition of how America's inner-city food deserts came to be was stimulating, balanced, and accesible in a way I wish more documentaries would aspire to." - Sahil Singh Gujral

"This is an amazing film, and a fabulous project…that has made a mark, set an example, and will be replicated worldwide." - Patty Alper, Alper Portfolio Company

"The Apple Pushers is inspiring and emotional..." - Chelsea Grant, Clean Plates, Read the Blog

"The movie was inspiring and heartwarming and the remarks around the screening made us appreciate at a greater level the power of a film at the heart of a social movement. A wonderful project." - Jeff Parness, New York Says Thank You Foundation

"I just saw this on World and was incredibly moved and inspired. The film manages to deftly touch on so many delicate issues: immigration, culture, diet, capitalism, trade, poverty, race, etc. etc. and, to my mind, didn't hit a single false note. It deserves a wide viewership and will do what I can to make that happen!" - McClain Watson

"With Moonrise Kingdom and The Bourne Legacy hitting in the latter half of this year, 2012 should be the biggest period of Edward Norton‘s career in quite some time. It’s not all big projects, though; there’s also The Apple Pushers, a documentary he’s narrating, and which focuses on the efforts of immigrants to disseminate fruit as a way of fighting obesity. Interesting material for Norton to get involved with, and the trailer from Apple (whoa!) shows some promise…I always appreciate documentaries that bring noble, obscure efforts to light." - The Film Stage

"Apple Pushers show us what can be done when effective policies serve to empower individuals at the community level – to help them provide for themselves and their families, while also providing a much-needed service (fresh, affordable fruits and veggies) to their underserved neighborhoods." -FPOP (Food Policy & Obesity Prevention), Read the Review

"The film is is so important to take a step back and learn more about the stories and the people who are doing real work on all levels. It's really a story about the good things about America that we take for granted." - Kristen Munro, Brooklyn Academy of Music

"Apple Pushers is terrific!" - Robert Epstein, Attorney

"Really enjoyed the film. As a refugee to this part of the world, I have an especially soft spot - and deep appreciation - for immigrant contributions to the greatness of North America. Thank you for making this film." - Irshad Manji, Professor, New York University

"Choosing the vendors to feature was very difficult. Each person we interviewed (upwards of 200 vendors) was worthy of his or her own documentary film." - MetroFocus, WNET, Read the Article

"Empathetic and revealing…" - TimeOut New York, Read More

"Watched it last night on pbs world, great story about hope filled dreams." - Jim Varvaris

"A wonderful documentary" - Hui’s love affair with Food, Read the Blog

"I just finished watching The Apple Pushers. What a wonderful and inspiring movie. I saved it on my DVR and plan to make everyone in my family watch it and hopefully they will love it as much as I did. Keep up the good work and continue to write and direct such wonderful stories." -Anonymous Comment left on Mary Mazzio's blog

"The Apple Pushers is one of the best made documentaries I have seen..." -Your World: Healthy and Natural Read the Blog

"While the topic is definitely captivating, for me what really charms about The Apple Pushers are the personal testimonies of the first generation immigrants themselves...It’s also very sincere. Most importantly, it’s not presented in a way that implores us to feel sorry for the pain and heartache of learning to live in the United States as immigrants". -Juan of Word, Read the Blog

"Changing lives one apple at a time." -Read the Blog

“Judging that there are more than 500 carts on the street, it’s got to be working,” Tisch said about the program. “It’s certainly not the whole answer to curbing health problems, but it’s a great beginning.”- Patrick Cole, Read the Article

"At the end of the day, THE APPLE PUSHERS is far from a how-to guide on rags to riches, and is instead a visually stimulating and well directed education on the story of when opportunity – presented here by the need to tackle urban obesity – knocks at the door of the energetic, optimistic, and willing, and creates a better life for those committed to the definition of hard work." - Anastasia Bogomolov, Read the Article

"The Apple Pushers not only makes a strong case for the health and economic benefits that produce carts bring to NYC communities, but in essence documents the American Dream." - Rachel Begun, MS, RD, Food & Nutrition Magazine

"This model can be replicated and tailored in many cities and countries of the world." - Helen verDuin Palit, Founder of City Harvest


Read more about director Mary Mazzio.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation: Speaker Series: "Street Food: Attacking Obesity & Wiping out Food Deserts one city block at a time"Panel hosted by CNN's Sanjay Gupta with Mary Mazzio, Dwayne Proctor and Cathy Nonas Watch the Video >

Morning Newscast
NPR, Aspen Public Radio
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hear the Story (interview begins at 4:10) >

Mary Mazzio & Laurie Tisch Interviewed on Plum TV
From the Aspen Ideas Festival
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Check out Sanctuary TV a conversation after "The Apple Pushers" on reviving the art of cooking Watch the Video >

Watch a discussion after screening "The Apple Pushers" at Teachers College, Columbia University Watch the Video >

Check out the Aspen Screening Discussion with Director Mary Mazzio
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From Twitter:

@ProjectEAT: Its official we are on the City of San Leandro and Main Library events calendar#nutritionmonth#applepushers

@JVTWILLIE: Who's seen #applepushers ?? It's an eye opening documentary. let me know your thoughts.” Fantastic film, amazing filmmaker!

@LowellFilmGrl Boowwwrrr! Our Wed. Outdoor Bike-In Screening of @MaryMazzio's "The Apple Pushers" is front page news on @HowlinLowell!

@CKummer "Emotionally, the film packs a wallop": Tracie McMillan on The Apple Pushers and the questions it raises.

@TheAtlanticHLTHIntroducing 'The Apple Pushers,' a documentary about NY's street vendors that's packed with emotion:

@JackieIllum @marymazzio all I can say is thank you! People NEED to see this film. These issues should be transparent so we can make positive changes!

@karpresources Best screening of #ApplePushers so far @LURN LA w/tacos made to order, a bar, DJ and 150+ folks laughing and cheering - a fever pitch!

@annabrones Floored after an excellent interview with @marymazzio. Food politics galore. Check out her film Apple Pushers:

@declauditha @marymazzio Loved screening the #ApplePushers for #NationalPublicHealthWeek at @UNMC. I think more screenings will be requested.

@DavidLeftwich68 Just watched an amazing new documentary on the New York City Green Carts, The Apple Pushers: cc:@edforh

@MickeyMeece Beautifully shot + well writtenRT @heymarci Very eager to see @MaryMazzio's latest film "The Apple Pushers"

@KellyMoltzen The Apple Pushers is a phenomenal movie that EVERYONE should watch!

@BlankFoundation Thanks to@marymazzio #ApplePushers for kickstarting our work w/ @boxcargroceron creative#fooddesert remedies in #ATL

@boxcargrocer @BlankFoundation @marymazzio That was some inspiring event! Loved seeing the convergence off all things food & social justice in one room!

@MMViverito So proud to be here @ screening of #ApplePushers @ Hunter School of Soc Work in#EastHarlem w/ @HunterPresident Raab@TishJames

@BeNew88 #ApplePushers was a great documentary highlighting immigration, policy, and public health issues!

@ruvi_nyak #ApplePushers and #greencarts inspiring

@InspiredRD Loved "Apple Pushers" narrated by @edwardnorton. Definitely recommend it.

@CoquiTheChef Please watch this trailer for your children's sake The Apple Pushers follows five street vendors who are part of...

@CaitlinCNN @marymazzio @atljewishfilm thank you! Congratulations on creating such a fantastic film. It was an honor to be there.

@MyRedRabbit @marymazzio the trailer had us hooked. We might just plan a company-wide trip to come see movie and support the effort!

@allipal Congrats @marymazzio the film was fantastic! Everyone should see #ApplePushers- insight on hunger/obesity and access to healthy food.

@declauditha SO much of what we study at @UNMC's College of Public Health is made real in the#ApplePushers-- esp the power of policy in #public_health

@CaptainSemantic Finally got to see The Apple Pushers. An amazing love letter to health and the American Dream.

@Wilkravitz @marymazzio re 'Apple' > or narrative, it's the best. They showed it very late. I'd planned 2 go to sleep, but COULD NOT LOOK AWAY.. A real life, SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE...... THANKS AGAIN.

@GeoPeabody The power of documentary, story, and philanthropy. Watch the trailer. The Apple Pushers

@amycastrobaker Just saw #ApplePushers adding it to my long list of conversation starters for students- see it

@MyRedRabbit @marymazzio#ApplePusherswas invigorating! Perfect blend of facts, humor & humanity! You have found a promoter/supporter with @myredrabbit

@CleanPlates @marymazzio thanks for making such an important film!

@BestSuperWoman Before I #ShutUp, I think the NYC Green Cart project is so #cool and needed in many urban areas »

@atljewishfilm @marymazzioRT @robinphoto: @atljewishfilm @lindsaywhat44 #ApplePusherswas great! Loved the use of still photos #photodork #AJFF

@BioneersHOU @marymazzio enjoyed the film! Can't wait to show it. Now in the hands of @edforh. Let's do it Houston!

@RobertActon #ApplePushers is a brilliant documentary capturing The #Illumination Fund's Green Cart Program!

@MiniRuminates Love, love "Apple Pushers" @aifestival check out the trailer, then the film. #aspenideas

@atsGf@marymazzio my pleasure. your film, #ApplePushers is life changing. looking forward to seeing more of your work. ^Toby

@Iver_Echalar "The Apple Pushers". Great documentary film about immigrants who came to the USA to actually work by selling fresh produce in NY. Check it!

@mgpopolo Trailer for the 1st film of the @WholeFoods Do Something Reel Film Festival looks A+. About streetcart vendors in NYC:

@JackieIllum Film about produce vendors in NYC. #mustsee

@hsklasky "Apple Pushers". Great movie about green carts in NY, healthy eating, and pursuing the American Dream#aspenideas

@IrshadManji at #ApplePushers, film by Mary Mazzio. Stories of #immigrant #entrepreneurs bringings #healthy food to poor neighborhoods. Compelling.

@DrGuzmanNYC #latism VIDEO: Immigrants Pushing Apples in the Big Apple - In The Apple Pushers, a critically-acclaimed documentary...

@AmandaAleece This looks AMAZING. The Apple Pushers - See the trailer…@OrganicConsumer @HealthRanger@andersoncooper @ForksoverKnives

@MalariaFighter The Apple Pushers - See the trailer #obesity #urbanhealth #publichealth #publichealth #newyork #greencartinitiative #documentary #fb

@BlankFoundation Great work from @Prevent_Obesity on innovative ways to meet demand for fresh fruits & veggies @marymazzio

@CareyLohrenz @marymazzio New Blog Entry APPLE PUSHERS - Redux” PLEASE screen in Memphis!

@epSisforStyle Thanks! I am proud of the work she does. U should try to check out a screening of the film. It's awesome

@kateheiberg everyone go see!@marymazzio @jenbo1 making it all happen :)

@blankfoundation Video from our Nov 2 #FoodDeserts event is live at featuring @sanjayguptaCCN @marymazzio @drdwayneproctor #ApplePushers

@JonathanMena @marymazzio I was working the booth during the Hunter College screening and really enjoyed the film. I live in Bushwick so the film hit home

@CaFreshWorks @marymazzio found in doing #ApplePushers that most street vendors were first generation immigrants in search of @americandream #FoodDeserts

@Prevent_Obesity @marymazzio thinks mobile food vending creates safer neighborhoods. Another benefit! #FoodDeserts

@NYCityGFestival Great #film @applepushers follows 5 immigrant street vendors selling fresh fruits & veg in NYC's poorest neighborhoods

@jenbo1Packed house for the official NYC premiere of #ApplePushers...Exciting!

@teacherscollege Great film by @marymazzio, underwritten by the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. #ApplePushers

@nycfood See The Apple Pushers. Amazing movie about immigrant entrepreneurs and Green Carts. # applepushers @NYCMOIA @nycHealthy

@PhaedraEL Just saw the apple pushers about the green carts on the streets of NYC. Story of the American dream #2thumbsup

@dwmwgf40 The Apple Pushers: great film, great initiative in NYC...and a great blog post about it! #foodcampaigns

@Liifund Excited for #ApplePushers screening tonight in NYC! Cool to see innovative ideas to address #FoodDeserts @marymazzio

@eythorbender The Movie: The apple pushers. obesity epidemic & movement on the streets of NYC sensing opportunity

@dorieclark My interview with the talented @marymazzio - The Secret to Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

@AriBerman Overheard after seeing "apple pushers" doc on NYC green carts: "all I could think of was how bad I wanted a double cheeseburger

@aspenradio Tune into Aspen Public Radio News tomorrow for an interview with Mary Mazzio. She wrote, directed and produced…

@lizzzzzzyliz #ApplePushers was sooo good!

@Alkalinesisters Loved Applepushers. Beautiful, non-treacly look immigrants & food quality. Go see it. You'll be glad you did.

@LandLibrary Loved Applepushers. Beautiful, non-treacly look immigrants & food quality. Go see it. You'll be glad you did.

@UCCENutritionPr Great documentary we watched yesterday!

See the Film...

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On EARTH DAY with screenings in several cities hosted by Whole Foods. Panel moderated by Debi Mazar with introduction by Edward Norton

May 6, 2012 on public televison's WORLD CHANNEL. Airing again June 24th at 8PM. Check your local listings.

With Oscilloscope. Details to come.


Aspen Ideas Festival with panel including Robin Schepper of Let's Move

Washington DC
USDA Screening at the MPAA hosted by Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary of the USDA

Artisphere Dome Theatre

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

New York
Museum of the Moving Image - hosted by Mayor Bloomberg and the Office of Immigrant Affairs

Hamptons International Film Festival

Mountain Film at Lincoln Center

Florence Gould Hall

Columbia University

California Dept of Public Health

Leadership for Urban Renawal Now

The Health Trust - San Jose

The San Leandro Library

Sackler Museum - hosted by Boston Foundation, Common Angels, and the W.B. DuBois Institute and Harvard university.

Centers for Disease Control

Arthur Blank Family Foundation

Atlanta Int. Jewish Film Festival

American Diabetes Association

Northwestern University

Future screenings will be posted here. If you wish to host a screening, please let us know by emailing us at